Water Butts under £50

If you are committed to saving water - while still quenching the thirst of your precious flowers and plants in the summer time - then a water butt really is the way to go.

There are some excellent barrels for sale in this range for cheap and basic containers which are quite capable of meeting the needs of most gardening enthusiasts.

Rain barrels are the ideal devices to catch the water that runs along our gutters, storing it for later use in gardens throughout the UK. A water butt really comes into its on during dry summer spells when flowers, plants and lawns don't always get the supply of rainfall they require.

We feature some impressive green or black plastic barrels for under £50 from leading UK stores including Wilko.com, Greenfingers, Evergreener, Amazon, Selections, Garden Street, B&Q and Wickes. Popular water capacities include 100, 120, 200, 210 and 250 litres.


Some people choose to make their own water butt from an old plastic dustbin, wheelie bin or even a wooden wine or whiskey barrel. But that can take a bit of effort and you also have the hassle of drilling holes to connect a rainwater diverter from a suitable downpipe on your property.

Thankfully they cheap containers in this affordable price range bring buying a water butt an affordable option for most people - most of them are very sturdy plastic devices which come with a secure lid, an attached water tap and a solid base to rest the butt on. Some even come with the essential downpipe diverter kit.

Among the most popular containers in this price range are the Be Green 100 litre capacity Mini Rainsaver, the Harcostar 227 litre butt, which comes with a raintrap diverter and stand, and the 200-litre Cloudburst green butt. You'll even find a charming wood effect 120-litre butt here which looks just like an old dark oak whiskey barrel.

Installing a water but is a fairly simple process - explained in detail elsewhere on this site - and with just a few basis tools you can have your own water-harvesting containing up and running in around half an hour.

The style of rain barrel that's best for your home depends on where you want to position it and the size is dictated by how much water you need for your garden. 

It makes sense to position a water butt as near as you can to the area of your garden where you plan to use most of the water - maybe at the rear of your home, near to your greenhouse or close to your raised flower beds.

And don't forget, you aren't restricted to positioning a water butt beside your house - they work perfectly well anywhere that has a roof gutter - this might give you the opportunity to place a but at the side of your garage, outbuilding or even a shed or greenhouse if you have fitted them with a plastic gutter.

Having a butt in any of these settings means you'll have easy access to the container for filling your watering can for all your gardening duties. Unless, of course, you plan to attach a hose pipe connector to a butt that's positioned beside your house.

If you are interested in a larger water butt, you should be able to find what you after in our other ranges of containers - and don't forget to check out our range of accessories for supporting all your water-harvesting activities.