Reviews of Our Top-Rated Water Butts

Choosing the water butt that's right for you can be a difficult task - there are various things to consider including shape, material and water storage capacity.

For many people a small and basic butt, barrel or tank which can hold around 100 to 150 litres of water is ideal for their gardening needs - however, if you have a large garden and a host of watering requirements, you may be better buying a butt with a 200 litre capacity or more.

We've carried out a few simple reviews of some of the most popular butts which are selling well in the UK and have served previous customers well when it comes to all their rainwater harvesting activities.

We aim to highlight the key features of each butt or barrel we review so you can make an informed choice when you eventually decide which butt will be best for your needs - we also provide a link to our shopping partner Amazon where you can read more about each model of butt.

Be Green Water Butt

Be Green 100L Mini Rainsaver


This is a slimeline space-saver butt that's been a winning choice for many gardening enthusiasts across the UK.

Costing around £30 this plastic container, which can hold 100 litres of water, is a very affordable entry-level barrel for anyone with average watering needs in their garden.

If you have a large garden and lots of flower beds, trees, hanging baskets and other features which need watering, you may need to consider buying the Be Green 200 litre butt or a container sold by another company.

This mini rainsaver comes with everything need you need to get up and running including the butt, a stand to raise the container off the ground, a hose fit tap and the essential down pipe converter.

Setting up this butt is quick and easy and you'll soon be ready to start harvesting water from your roof.

This Bee Green butt is manufactured in the UK and is made from recycled plastic. The supplied tap will link up perfectly with many systems including Gardena and Hoselock.

These compact butts are often positioned by gardeners outside a greenhouse that is fitted with guttering and a down pipe. Some people also choose to buy two or three of these mini marvels and chain them together with butt linking kits.

Here's what a few previous buyers had to say about the Be Green Mini Rainsaver.

'Great for our garden - I love it'

'Nothing shabby about this butt - five stars'

'Simple to set up - does the job'

'Superior quality at a good price'

'Great product - rigged it up in no time'

Cloudburst Water Butt

Cloudburst 200L Water Butt


This is a highly-regarded 200 litre capacity butt that ticks all the right boxes when it comes to durability, size and overall value for money.

Costing around £30, this green butt is 85 cms in height, without the stand, and is made from recycled plastic, like so many other containers are these days.

It features a child-safe swivel-to-close lid, a stand and a diverter kit which gives you everything you require to start collecting water in your garden.

For peace of mind this butt comes with a five-year guarantee, whereas many others only offer two years - this shows the manufacturers clearly have confidence in their product.

Easy-to-follow instructions are also shipped with this barrel, so getting up and running should be fairly simple - the only aspect of setting up a water tank that requires a bit of effort is installing the downpipe diverter, and that's something that can be carried out by most people with minimal DIY skills.

This butt is definitely a very sturdy container which will stand up to the elements in the winter - hence, we confidently award our maximum five star rating.

The Cloudburst butt has certainly made a big impression on plenty of previous buyers. Here's the comments of a few of them.

'I definitely recommend this'

'Very well designed - superb'

'The butt stops here!!'

'An excellent water butt with such a nice shape'

'Very sturdy - holds loads of water'

Rainwater Terrace Butt

Rainwater Terrace Butt


If you want to add a touch of style and sophistication to your garden you might want to consider buying a Rainwater Terrace butt.

These impressive water-harvesting containers feature several built-in sections where you can add which ever little plants and flowers you choose.

They are available in various sizes of water capacity and the larger the butt, the more integrated plant containers will be included.

When your plants or flowers are in bloom these innovative water butts look truly spectacular, making them appear like a stunning variation on the traditional hanging basket.

These Rainwater Terrace butts are available in green, black and brown and they are very easy to assemble. It you start with a basic two-tier container, it can be expanded later make it even larger.

Each tier is connected to the next with a little flexible hose pipe. Rainwater cascades through the tower-like container, distributing an adequate supply of water to the plants. Any excess water in the container is channelled into you drainage system.

The integrated mini planters are ideal for growing a variety of herbs and flowers. They are also suitable for growing various types of soft fruit and vegetables. Prices range from around £100 to £220, depending on how many tiers you choose to buy.

These stylish water barrels also help to keep your harvested water fresh so the risk of smelly or stagnant water, a common problem with many other types of butt, is significantly reduced.

Here's a few comments from previous buyers.

'Smart looking waterbutt with added extras!'

'This is a great idea - looks lovely'